Saturday, September 6, 2014


During two years of work with partner schools, students and teachers participated in abroad trips to Italy, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Estonia, Greece and Turkey. Each trip was related to the theme of the project and in pursuit of its objectives.
Through participation in the partnership program we met the diversity of European cultures, positive relationships and international friendship have deepened. We have gained a lot of new experiences. In our memory left many unforgettable memories.
Jointly implemented project is interesting, giving reasons to be proud of adventure that we hope will become the impetus for our further development.

Book of games

All partners together prepared "Book of games", which include our traditional, ancestors childhood game. It is our last Comenius product.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Comenius Day in kindergarten

On 10 June 2014 in Public Kindergarten 17 in Jastrzębie - Zdrój (Poland) took place Comenius Day for parents, grandparents, teachers from different school and kindergarten and local goverment. Children performed in occasional artistic program. Ceremony was accompanied by an exhibition of photographs and materials gathered during the project and the promotion of the main products of the project.
Project Coordinator Mrs. Anna Urbasik discussed the measures that were implemented during the two years of work on the project and its results. Then presented brief information about the traditions, culture, education systems in partner countries. It was presented as a film promoting and disseminating the project undertaken under the project.,podsumowanie-realizacji-projektu-w-ramach-programu-comenius-w-pp17,wia5-3277-6679.html